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We need support from people who are diplomatic, articulate, and committed to improving the status of children over the long term. If you’d like to get involved, please join our public email list (Yahoo Group), introduce yourself to the group and share your expectations with us. This is where we can most likely help you with your current issue needing resolution! We’re not lawyers and do not give legal advice BUT we have many years of successful experience that can help you! We also need YOU involved with our public awareness campaigns such as our billboard advertisement below. Visit our CALL 2 ACTION page to see the most current initiatives which need your participation!

NEWSFLASH – July 18, 2011

Lots of activity underway here in NH as we educate citizens and promote reform of family law.  Please join our public e-mail list above and get involved! Here’a a sample

WMUR-TV 9 Family Law Special, July 2011


NEWSFLASH – December 3, 2009

Local NH Representative Brings Back Power to the people with constitutional Redress of Grievance process

Sent: Thu, December 3, 2009 12:57:21 PM

Subject: Letter to the Editor. Method For A Citizen To Bring A Grievance Against The State

Now, the People of New Hampshire can take back their government.  From 1783 to 1819 the People of New Hampshire enjoyed complete control over their government. The Judiciary had been given jurisdiction over interpretation of the laws (Part 1, Art. 35), but enforcement of the Constitution was given to the People (Part 1, Art. 38).  The jurisdiction over complaints by the People against the Government, Petitions For Redress of Grievances, was given to the Legislature (Part 1, Art. 32).

Suddenly, in 1819, the Judiciary “re-interpreted” the Constitution in Merrill v. Sherburne.  They referenced Part 1, Art. 31 and 37 (separation of powers) to say that the People had no right to seek redress against the Judiciary (Part 1, Art 32).  In their opinion they quoted sentence fragments from James Madison, and others, to give “legitimacy” to their arguements, intentionally misrepresenting the Authors.  They misled the legislators and the public stating that the authors of the Constitution, and the People who ratified the Constitution, who practiced it for the first 35 years of our Republic, didn’t properly understand their own Constitution.  The Judiciary misrepresented that the Founders didn’t understand their own intention when providing for the People to bring the Judiciary (and others) to task before the Legislature for violating the Constitution and the laws.

The majority of the Petitions for Redress were against the Judiciary.  After the Judiciary had exempted themselves from redress, and began to accept petitions against the other parts of government, petitions for redress before the Legislature diminished and disappeared.  Without the ability to complain against the Government, before the Legislature, (the part the People most closely control), the government has grown unresponsive and corrupt.  Once again, the People, if wronged by their Government, may exercise their Right to have their Representative enter a Petition for Redress of Grievance before the House of Representatives .  No such Constitutional jurisdiction exists in the Judicial Courts.

Hon. Daniel C. Itse

(603) 642-9403

Freemont, New Hampshire


NEWSFLASH – July 25, 2009

Dads in Dover for Childrens Festival - Baloons are Free!

Dads in Dover for Childrens Festival - Baloons are Free!

NCFC-NH participation in the annual Dover Childrens Festival was a huge success and good time for all.  www.doverchildrenshome.org

Dover Childrens Home – Music and Arts Festival

The July 25th Music and Arts Festival was a fun-filled day of music, arts, and entertainment, raising a staggering $6500 for the Dover Children’s Home. This child, teen, and family-friendly festival was designed to bring the community together for a wide array of activities and entertainment while showcasing over 40 local merchants and artisans. The event included inflatable carnival rides by Blast Party Rental, several food vendors, games, activities, face painting, caricature drawings, psychic readings, a video gaming tent by Galaxy Gaming, and much, much more. Interactive displays by Dover Youth to Youth and the Dover Police and Fire Departments, including the seat belt convincer, a fingerprinting station, a fire truck, an ambulance, and a police cruiser were also available. Local artisans, many from One Washington Center, displayed and sold artwork.


NEWSFLASH – September 1, 2009

A NCFC-NH Public Awareness Advertisement aired on local Clear Channel Radio Stations in the month of September. This ad is circulating at other local NH Radio Stations for 2010, if you can help provide visibility, please let us know.   Click here to listen.

NEWSFLASH – June 21, 2009

Father’s Day at Field of Dreams Park

by Robyn Hatch

On a saturating rainy Sunday afternoon, a Father’s Day celebration, sponsored by the National Congress of Fathers and Children of New Hampshire, took place at Field of Dream’s Park at Geremonty Drive in Salem.  There was supposed to be a band, guest speakers, raffles, games, prizes, refreshments, and balloons.  Despite the rain, an incredible food vendor — Ian’s Granite State Franks — was there with his family with a wide variety of temptations to eat.  There was a Foreign Student Exchange booth set up with information on sponsoring children from other countries.  Another booth for the National Congress for Fathers and Children was represented with helpful information and contact numbers.  Face painting was done on the few children who showed up, and they were also treated with balloons.

Even though the day was a wash, the information obtainable, the food, and the music by Dirty Pool (from Wilmington, MA) made the day worthwhile.  Good try, Field of Dreams!

National Congress for Fathers and Children representatives


Co-Hosted by The Fatherhood Coalition of Massachusetts!


CPF / The Fatherhood Coalition advocates for the institution of fatherhood, encompassing the full range of human behaviors and endeavors that flow from the father-child relationship. We work to promote shared parenting and to end the discrimination and persecution faced by divorced and unwed fathers.


For immediate release



Contact: Jeff Oligny

(205) 351-8003

NH Child Advocacy Group Unveils New Billboard in Manchester

“Give Me Back My Daddy”–National Congress for Father’s and Children, NH erects controversial billboard depicting crying child making a plea to NH Family Courts.

MANCHESTER, NH The New Hampshire Chapter of the National Congress for Fathers and Children erected a controversial billboard on Tuesday, December 3, launching its 2009 campaign to change family law practices in the state of New Hampshire and instill a focus on “the best interests of the children”.  The billboard, which went up Tuesday at Elm and Dow Streets in Manchester, calls for reform of the NH Family Court system which heavily favors mothers in decisions concerning minor children with regard to custody, parenting time and child support. The billboard shows a child crying for his father, a scenario that the NCFC-NH President says, is all too common in divorce situations.

“We live in a state where after divorce, or in the case of non-married parents, fathers are removed from a significant role in a child’s life,” says Oligny. “During marriage, children have both parents just about equally and the parents work out the day to day child rearing, but in our court system, after a divorce mothers are overwhelmingly given the lion’s share of custody and parenting time and the children only get Dad every other weekend and some vacation time. It’s become a situation where children no longer get the benefits of both parents in their lives and the results are catastrophic for our children.”

The mission of the of the National Congress for Fathers and Children of New Hampshire (NCFC-NH) is to act as a public service organization, to assist state and local efforts compatible with the goal of assisting parents to remain actively involved in the lives of their children regardless of marital status and in the best interests of our children. They provide services to all citizens as they pursue their goal of strengthening and preserving a healthy parent-child connection, supporting both parents while recognizing that men and fathers need the most help in obtaining fair treatment by our society and courts.

“When the public is confronted with the debauchery of the Family Courts many are well aware of these acts that hurt children and families, but they have grown accustomed to this being “the way it is” and have just given up trying to change the system,”says Oligny.  “Many have spent family fortunes pursuing justice in the courts, all to no avail.  Unfortunately, chaos is profitable for some and it spurs the economy to pit spouses against each other as they battle in court to retain their relationship with their children.  This is not about the best interests of the children, but it should be.”

Oligny hopes the billboard will raise awareness about the need for court reform and legislation to help get fathers and children back together.

“I know the billboard will create some controversy, but we just want people to realize what’s going on and hopefully get some more help in the courts and State House. We can’t have a society where kids don’t get to have both parents– mostly their Dads are out of their lives—we need to create more equal parenting models. Sadly, we have a divorce industry that promotes fighting and creating parental adversaries instead of paving the way for, if not totally cooperative parenting, at least more equal parenting opportunities. Kids can’t lose their Dads.” 

For more information, go to: www.ncfcnh.org. The group has monthly meetings in Manchester on the first Monday of each Month at 7:00 pm at Margarita’s Restaurant, Elm St.

NCFC-NH President is available for interviews.

About Us:

The mission of the of the National Congress for Fathers and Children of New Hampshire (NCFC-NH) is to act as a public service organization, to assist state and local efforts compatible with the goal of assisting parents to remain actively involved in the lives of their children regardless of marital status and in the best interests of our children.

We provide services to all citizens as they pursue their goal of strengthening/preserving a healthy parent-child connection. We support BOTH men and women although we recognize that men and fathers need the most help in obtaining fair treatment by our society and courts.

We sponsor a forum to coordinate local efforts, to impact national initiatives, and to bring national attention to local concerns of our affiliated organizations and members. We offer the benefits of our litigation experience and of pursuing our common goal within the state of New Hampshire. We are not attorneys and do not offer legal advice although you may find benefits in learning from the experiences of others. We welcome all men and women who share our concern for the parent-child connection and encourage you to attend our monthly meetings and participate in our activism projects.

Dont forget to Visit us on MySpace at http://www.myspace.com/ncfcnh too!

Meeting Schedule:

Our monthly meetings are BACK as of August 2011!.  Monthly meetings are held on the first Monday of the month from 7-9 PM at Margaritas Restaurant on Elm Street in Manchester, NH. NCFC-NH has the rear dining area availabe for each meeting. Meetings are free and open to the public.

Recent News/Events:

  • Taken Into Custody is without a doubt the most informative and therefore, most important book about family courts we are likely to ever see again.  We just sent the NH House Child and Family Law Committee Members a copy of this book.  Please contact them and solicit their feedback.

We need to support this book’s sale and widest possible distribution. If you or your group can afford it, please purchase numerous copies in bulk (available from Amazon.com, Borders, and Barnes & Noble)and distribute them to politicians, legislators, judges, editors, and reporters/columnists.  Please distribute this to your media contacts and local officials:

Baskerville Speaks – Family Court Puts Profit Over People


  • The NH DHHS has contracted the UNH Family Policy Center to conduct an economic review of the states child support guidelines which we believe have been in violation of federal law for 19 years now.  Please help us work with the federal authorities and drive the state to stop the financial abuse of non-custodial parents. STAY TUNED, the final report from these economists was released in March 2009.  As usual, the report showed major flaws needing correcting and the legislature and federal government has done nothing to promote a resolution.  We need you to get active and help!
  • The New Hampshire Commission on the Status of Men has issued its first and second biennial reports. You can download them from their publications page. Check out one of the first public sessions on this commission that was broadcast on New Hampshire Public Television’s Outlook program in November 2003.  The commission remains a much needed government forum to help educate the legislature and the public on the issues faced by men in NH and needs your attendance at the public monthly meetings on the last Friday of each month at the Legislative Office Building in Concord.
  • Economist Mark Rogers has compiled this set of informative links on the NH child support guidelines and their problems which we need your help in fixing.
  • Visit our Partners & Resources Page to learn of organizations allied with us in our mission and find valuable resources to help you in your own family situation or your struggle for the preservation of the parent-child relationship.
  • We have put together a NH Activism Guide for people new to legislative lobbying. Most of the pointers in this guide are also relevant in other states, so feel free to distribute it to activists elsewhere.

Membership and Donations:

Membership in NCFC-NH is $50/year, or more if you can afford it. Full members have access to a private email list and unlimited access to all group benefits. We accept donations or membership dues by check, money order or through PayPal.

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible. Our federal non-profit ID is 52-1442749. You can submit membership dues by postal mail to the following address:


c/o Dennis Walsh, Treasurer

2A Sunshine Drive

Hudson , NH 03051

Please make your check or money order out to the National Congress for Fathers and Children. Your support is greatly appreciated!

The NCFC-NH Mailing List:

The best way to keep up with what we’re doing and ask questions of the group is to subscribe to our free email list at Yahoo! Groups. Membership and help here is FREE but we ask that you contribute whatever you can to our cause so we may continue to help families and drive change.  We suggest an annual contribution equal to the cost of a nice dinner for your family.

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