• Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

My thanks to Mike Geanoulis to bringing this to my attention. This Tennessee bill would require any pregnant woman to submit to a paternity test before a father’s name was put on a birth certificate.

The author’s objections to this bill amount to

(1) the mother might not want the father to know he is the father, and ;

(2) the mother does not want the father involved because of rape or incest.

This is My Response:

So, once again, we want to regulate based on what one parent (i.e the Mother) wants, without regard to the other parent’s rights.

(1) the Mother’s safety concerns are already covered: restraining orders are readily available to any female who wants to get one against a male. No questions asked. If the Father knows he is the Father, and if the Mother feels threatened, then she should get a restraining order.

Oh, what? She does not feel the restraining order is sufficient? Well, then. Why do they exist in the first place? Maybe just as a legal vehicle so legitimate fathers who pose NO THREAT TO THE MOTHER can be legally separated from their children?

(2) Once again: we already have laws for this. If a father is “unfit”, then the state DCYF intercedes and requires supervised visitation with the children.

I believe that this Tennessee bill is a landfall to put an end to false accusations and illegal paternity claims for child support.

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    Matthew A. Saunders 

    I was a single father for most of my son’s life.Iwas a devoted boyfriend to his mother for 2 years when he was born.I went to the birthing classes,and was with her threw the hole birth,I even cut the cord it was the proudest moment of my life.I was 23.His mother & I were together for another 3 years,but she coudn’t stay faithfull.I worked full-time and would also get up with my son for his feedings threw the night.When he was1-2 she decided she wanted to get a state check (AFDC) we were living together at the time,but she listed me as an asentee parent.I was young and foolish and went along with it.I had to go talk to a child support worker and they told me how much I would have to pay.I never saw a judge but whatever.I didn’t have any legal council,oh whell.This all happend in the White Mountains,I’m from southern NH this is whare his mother & I met and concieved.We moved to the mountans so she could start fresh with her astranged mother,I spent about 4 years up Thare but his mother caused alot of drama with her cheating.After having to pay her to babysit our son so I could still go to work.She became unreliable so I got a neighbor to watch my son,but she caused more drama until my neighbor said she couldn’t watch him anymore.After losing my job my son and I moved back to southern NH Sounds like a horror story right. Well it gets better,while paying my mother to babysit wasn’t to bad& only having to pay half rent ,living with my mom sucked.She was staying up late nights doing coke and was sleeping during the day,I came home early from work to find mom sleeping and my 3 year old taking care of himself.So I sent my son to his moms since she wasn’t working and was already on welfare from my son’s little sister.He came back at 5,his mother couldn’t handle him and his sister both,in that 2 years Iwould send his mother money whenever she would ask.She didn’t have a bank account so I’d send cash,big mistake.Well I found out at christmas time while he was visiting his mom that while I was paying my older sister to babysit my son my nephew andhis friend mollested my son,so he would be staying with his mother.At 7 she brought him back,he was in first grade,at 5 I started having my check garnished,so from first grade until sixth grade he lived with me but I didn’t start getting help from the state until the fifth grade.I never got any help from his mom.In 2 years he was back.You have to understand we didn’ have any custody orders.We both thought what ever our son wanted was best.well he didn’t like that I was strict and his mom let him do what he wanted.So in tenth grade one day I came home from work to find a note saying he went back to his mom’s.She was moving to Iowa,I think he didn’t know when he would see her again and got scared.Well I havent seen my son in 1 and a half years.I still pay child support even thow the orders say I’m supposed to see him every other weekend.Well my son who I love more than anything is turningb 18 in 2 weeks.I’m going to try to get a hearing with the state to dispute the 10,000$ the state says I owe.I was just wondering if there was any egal advice I could get before I go to any hearing.Sorry to bother anybody with my life story I just really could use some help,my e-mail is I really hope someone can help.

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