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Abuse of the “Protection System”?? HUH?? — Look at this common societal problem, abuse of the restraining order system, that has become a weapon against men! That’s right, women (this doesn’t work for men) are obtaining false restraining orders at alarming rates just to gain revenge, control or money (often in court). Much of this is never brought out publically [but we all know huh?] orders

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    My son who is 22 had a child with his girlfriend of 8 years in March 2008. She came to live with us after being kicked out by her mother with a 2 month old son who is not my sons. I moved north and he went with me to better his life. He was not the best person in the world and he knew that if he stayed behind he would not be able to provide. We were gone for six months however during that time we brought her and the children to visit and he made sure he sent support. We came back down south and she filed for a restraining order to keep him from the baby and what gets me is the judge granted it based on one big fat lie. My son wants to be in his daughters life and this girl refuses…saying she will have his rights terminated. She calls when she needs money and threatens him if he doesn’t give to her. In this state, he has no rights because he was not married to her and he can’t afford an attorney….any advice you can give will be wonderful!

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    The judge granted my wife a restraining order preventing me from seeing my son based upon an article I had printed off of the web. It was titled “How to kidnapp a child” and was authored by nationally known fathers advocate Stephen Baskersville and is about how woman manipulate the legal system to effectively kidnapp their children by filing malicious restraining orders. This was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to attacks upon my character. Later they (my 2nd lawyer and opposing counsel) attempted to insert a life time restraining order into my final divorce stipulation making insinuations that I was an abuser of children amongst other false and malicious accusations against me. I fired both my lawyers and went into court without legal representation. It was crystal clear to me this was not an isolated event involving one or two incompetent lawyers, but rather organized corruption being perpertrated upon me by the legal profession. Later it would be revealed that opposing counsel had a undisclosed attorney/client relationship with a lawyer from Florida interested in land I owned. This Florida lawyer listed for sale an adjacent parcel of land he owned and included land I owned as if he already owned it. Apparently, they were certain they would get this land awarded to my wife in the final divorce hearing, then purchase it from her at a steep discount. They changed the listing eliminating my land from being included with his property within days of dismissing my first lawyer. The life time restraining order was likely opposing counsels attempt to keep my ex and I from comparing notes after the divorce and my 2nd lawyers willingness to cover for him. Not that it mattered. Despite undeniable proof of these claims and more, I was unable to obtain legal representation to sue these lawyers before the statue of limitations expired. The end result of all this is that I recently filed bankruptcy.

    In their attempts to “steal” my oldest son’s educational fund (the land was bought as an investment towards this goal), they held up the sale of a house I own when they refused to release me to sell the house for the contracted price during the divorce proceedings (we executed a deed swap during the divorce proceedings with the stipulation I would be allowed to sell it). Opposing counsel was almost certainly attempting to overvalue my house above the sale price (notarize release form showing this attempt) to likely justify a judge awarding this land to my wife. Together with the restraining orders and a agreement that was essentially a coerced confession admitting to abusing my wife (courtesy of lawyer No. 1), their scam was nearly complete. Despite twarting their scheam it came at a steep price. This forced me to carry two mortgages and two seperate child support payments for 19 months before being forced to sell a farm I owned. However, the damage was done and combined with the real estate market crash, my financial destruction immenent.

    Restraining orders were the tools they used to destroy my future, and both my lawyers were willing participants to this legal corruption. For those of you that find this hard to believe, please contact me and I’ll send you the complete details including the hard evidence. Please send this request via standard mail to:

    PO box 162
    Plaistow, NH 03865

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    my ex girlfriend pulled a false “temporary domestic violence protective order” against me which was later thrown out of court due to an overwhelming lack of evidence. I never raised a finger to her in the 10+ years we were together, but she used the NH court system to gain leverage at a time when she was cheating with a close friend of ours. I was 98% bread-winner, and spent my weekends cleaning a house that would fall victim to clutter and disorganization weekly. I also lost about 75% of my personal effects due to lack of access to the home after the order was enforced. Now 6 years later, the home is in shambles, the children are unhappy, and i only have them every other weekend. My family & I provide for them in every way possible and I have faithfully fullfilled my child support orders from day one. I was no doubt a more emotionally and financially stable parent at the time, yet the courts refused me primary custody. My children have been survivors and have adapted to this unfair ruling, but they don’t like living with her because she is unable give them the kind of attention that only a father can give. Her and the NH court system will never understand this…

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    Deborah Gibbons 

    I live in NH and I asked for a Restraining Order after my ex-husband had threatened me several times. I can not believe the basis of how these women got Restraining Orders…That’s what happens when so many people abuse the system, and then when someone is really in fear for their lives, they cannot obtain them. I finally got one, this time, he threatened to shoot me and then himself. I remember it well because it happened on Friday the 13th. I remember not feeling completely safe because of everything that had happened. I never tried to keep him away from his kids, as sick as he was…I still tried to encourage the kids to go be with him. My kids questioned me why I would send them to him, because all he did was talk bad about their Mother and sit there and cry. I told them that he was still their Father. Needless to say this divorce began 5 years ago, and my kids saw him probably 4-5 times since. They have never received a Birthday card, Christmas Gift or anything from him. As I listen to the way that all of you Fathers are fighting to see your children…My ex has fought not to have to see them. The Family Court has not discouraged it, in fact they wrote in my last order…The Court can not force him to want to see his children. So it’s pretty messed up where the Courts are discouraging the Father’s that want to see their Children and encouraging the one’s who don’t want to. That to me is pretty damned screwed up…They call this Family Court? I don’t get it. I have filed over 400 motions in the Salem Family Court. I was and still am Pro Se. Throughout the whole ordeal he had a lawyer, and the lawyer told the MM how much his client wanted to see and be with his children(when in reality he didn’t). When my ex- wasn’t in court he would call the kids names, tell them their mother was a loser, try to fist fight the boys. My son’s went to their Grandfather’s 80th birthday party and their Uncle told them that “You’re just a waste of C#M. I had never heard something so bad. Both of my boys were crying like babies 12yrs & 20yrs old. When I went before the MM and told him, he chose to do nothing, but force my youngest Son to visit with him. The courts said that I should be condemned if I was trying to drive a wedge between the father and his kids. What? I did nothing of the sort. What had happened early in the divorce was right after the Restraining Order was issued (6wks) My ex decided to physically push me in the court room. This happened right in front of the MM that issued the restraining order. Well he called security and made my ex apologize to him. I got the tape and heard him acknowledge that I was pushed and that he had witnessed it. I filed a Complaint with the Judicial Committee and they said they’d look into it…However, one day when I was looking at the letterhead, I noticed the Judge that signed off on my decree was in fact on the Board. I called them and they told me that Judge Korbey steps out of the room while were making decisions on anything that happens in his court. I told them that I didn’t trust them and that it was a Conflict of Interest. Needless to say the MM got away with witnessing me get assaulted and then took everything and gave it to my ex. We had 5 properties he got 4. I had a full time job with a 40,000 retirement. I got mine and he got his 280,000 retirement. We had antique cars he got them and I got the only car with a lien and a rotted out pick up truck. So as you can see it is the luck of the draw, it’s not always men who get screwed. And when your a woman that gets the shorter end of the stick there is a stigma that goes along with that…People think that your really a numbskull. So I really haven’t talked much about what had happened. I have to go to court in March. I need for him to be taken off of my Mortgage and me taken off of his. He has destroyed my credit by not paying his mortgage. I have had to come up with the money for my daughters college because I cannot take out loans. I know in NH the absent parent doesn’t have to contribute to college. I filed a motion for the court just to ask him to give her $300.00 for books and they denied it. I paid $11,000.00 to the school and didn’t have money for the books. He took his kids off of his FREE health insurance. I motioned for the court to order him to put them back on his insurance…They denied my motion and said they couldn’t force him to put the kids back on his health insurance that he gets from Verizon FRee of charge to him. I filed a motion because of the descrepancies on his Financial Affidavit in August. Its January and he has gotten two extensions to fill out an accurate Financial Affidavit. The funny thing is that the 2nd extension was ordered without him even requesting it. It was because I went to the clerks office to see if he had filed one, and a few days later he got another extension. I know that I am rambling but man, do I feel spent by what these people are doing. Every time I ask for something MM Luneau says “My hands are tied, call your Legislature” WTF! I guess that’s why I’m putting this out here because I don’t know what to do anymore and I am reaching out for help. If anybody has some good words of advice, man id appreciate it. Sorry So Long.

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    I am currently involved with a court system in Concord that is in the process of ruining my life. My ex fiance filed for a restraining order and got it granted. Assualt charges were dropped due to no evidence and she still got a renewal instated just recently by simply stating that I tried to contact her. Which never happened. She was caught cheating on me and I told her to get out of my house. I called the police because she was restricting me leaving a room by threatening to call the police and tell them that I hit her. I called and they arrested me. The police report states “there was no sign of abuse on either party”. She told the judge that she had a red mark, my scum bag lawyer never submitted the police report into evidence. Needless to say, she is a liar about everything….she just keeps lying. My house is now uninhabitable after begging the court to get back in my house. She left in March, I gained access in October. She shut the power off and gutted the house of all the appliances and even the kitchen sink, kitchen cabinets, interior door knobs, basement walls, sump pump. Now my house is infested with mold and I have still have no persona belongings.

    I had Judge Carbone who is head of every Violence against women committee in the US. Was just nominated by Obama to head his committee.

    I want anyone that has been mistreated by the court to contact me at


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    ronald ulrich 

    if a petitioer lies which i know too well you can file pergery charges] if the judge acts outside his or her judicial capacity and excepts lies which happened in my case in northern indiana where the petitioner clearly lied on thedeclaration under oath and i had noterized affidavids from a private investigator in which she said he was present and he was not] my story is a revenge story were talking about an evil entity that will rise again unexpectedly after the sun sets a person with a soulless heart i dont need that judges summary to come up and bite me later in life/ the judge went way beyond his jurisdiction/ the best leverage is too challenge jurisdiction /ifpergery cannot reach the accuser there is no accusation and the judge cannot show and must proove jurisdiction on record.

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    ronald ulrich 

    challenge subject matter juisdiction ] a petioner cannot lie too obtain a restraining order] and beleive me judges allow lies at least in crown point indiana i seen it with my own eyes and have proof ] the petitioner listed 2 witnesses] under oath and the judge new it that were not present in an alleged incident 30 years ago/ ive been married 24 years and have no violence and my wife was not allowed to speak because this judge cut her off because he personally new the petitioner] the petitioner has at least 7 restraining orders taken out in the last 10 years agaist different people ]also the petitioner has at least 5 duis and numerous arest record

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    Larry Broyer 

    I’d like to add. My Ex and her lawyers, thought it was imperative she
    obtain a restraining order, to gain the upper hand in our Divorce.
    We where both residents of New Hampshire.
    After repeated attempts in NH courts to obtain an R.O., she somehow
    convinced a Massachusetts court to issue one, I hired a Mass. lawyer
    just to fight this bogus attempt, the lawyer very well known, said Mass.
    had no jurisdiction, and it would not be allowed.
    Well guess what, they gave her one, for a whole year. That R.O., was the
    first step in my character assassination, which allowed her to even further spread her bogus lies. You see it’s a succession of events that destroys men, the tools are all available to females, and usually quite easy for them to possess, the system is easily gamed.

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    RO violation.. an e-mail sent a month ago.. politly asking the ex wife to stop sending harassing e-mails.. She has a RO on her for doing this. The e-mail was CCed to two attorneys, a detective, and a State supervisor.

    A month later she reports it as a violation and the police charge me with it..

    What can be done..

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    That is crazy how this works! I know couple women who have abused the system, and I just don’t understand that. One of my friend did it couple months ago. She asked her husband to move out from the house they lived, and he refused because he was the one who worked and bought this house. However, they have two kids and she assumed that she is the one who should stay in a house. So they got in dispute who should move out. My friend gave to her husband a month to move, and after the month passed filed TRO claiming he have abused her and it wasn’t true. Sad! The dispute could be resolved in more civil way!

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    Martin Albert 

    My wife has been cheating on me for over a year I finally had enough and went to Ca. for 10 days while I was gone she drained the accounts moved out of our duplex with our two children and took a restraining order out on me for abuse.I went to court represented myself she had a lawyer I represented myself.I had police reports the night of the alledge abuse from three state troopers that stated they saw no signs and the kids even stated nothing happened.She had no proof other than her lies and apparently if your a woman and claim abuse you win period.I now can not go to school functions or coach my son in lacrosse because of her lies ….hope you can live with yourself…like your boyfriend said’s good to see karma bite you in the ass well it will happen and I will be right there….nuff said

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    Ken Lloyd 

    I think the court system is as corrupt as lawyers are legalized robbery. Women don’t have to have any proof of abuse at all. There word against yours and they don’t have to have one ounce of evidence. I know of this, because there was no police report filed and no medical attension was administered. Plus women have 180 days days to file there story. I went to court in OR and case was dismissed. Later I found out where she worked and called to verify it was her then called my lawyer so he could serve her papers. Next thing ya know judge set order aside and reinstated it. She said I was harassing here at work. All I was trying to do was get some kind of custudy on my little girl. Haven’t seen or heard from her in 4 months. I think the court should make a person claiming the aledge abuse take mandatory polygragh test. That would weed out most of bad people. In long run would save tax payers some money.

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    carla kenny 

    you know the only reason I saw this comment was because I was online trying to find help for myself(a female). My husband set me up got a restraining order against me, and has now thrown me in jail a total of 4 times for false allegations. men CAN AND DO, DO IT!

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    I had a situation in which a woman tried to bully me by making idle threats about getting a restraining order against me. This was somebody that I wasn’t even dating. We were in a music group together and she decided she didn’t want to be friends. Looking into it a bit, the standards for getting a restraining order are incredibly low, all a woman has to do is ask for one and say a few disparaging things about the man. This incident has really made me aware of how much the legal system is giving women every sort of weapon to use against men.

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    I find it hard to believe that E-Mail even qualifies as a method of harassement. I get spam all the time. Is this harassement? A person has a choice in e-mails, to open them or not. A person can change their e-mail account, or block e-mail from a individual. These are methods that will prevent the harassement from that person. When you have the choice to either open the e-mail or not, its not harassement. People are pathetic.

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    My name is Jerry Can I please ask you this. When I had no contact with the petioner. The judge ask if we new what the petioner look like Attorney said no I said yes. The judge and my attorney ask me to go see if she was sitting outside of the court doors. I look at my attorney in shock and aw. I did not what to look like a bad person so I walk up to the door and look out the window and there she was. I said she out there and my attorney said can you call her in. I look at the court people and said no and said to the courts you do it. No police in room to reteive her. My attorney went and got her. She was shock to see my attorney a third party, calling her into the courts. Did my attorney break conduct laws or etc to this matter. There was no contact by me or third partys with out writen consent permission from the petioner, I think. I was found not guity and Judge amited the first family judge robed me of my rights. Judge said the trascribs were 15 words long,. I thought I was going to loss my daugter and i broke down and cried.

    Can anybody locate me a Attorney for this matter and time frame ends I think around june three years. Ps Attorney sent many email letters that I have saved He said there was a agreement form signed and there was never one signed later he attemed that there was none. Depriving me of my one copy documention of this agreement. Is his lies bad conduct

  17. 17

    This is the country of injustice, where women have it all, men became women slaves, treat her nicely, she can dump u, but u can’t dump her. If you don’t do it her way, she can ruin your whole life by a phone call and get a restraining order, then call the cops 50 times or more and tell them you violated the restraining order 50 times, get her lover in your house that was yours and let him call the cops too and say he saw you around, another misdemeanor, some neighbor might call and say he saw you too, another misdemeanor. she goes around the neighborhood saying he is trying to kill me, will come back and she gives every one a picture of yours, and give the people more paranoia. who wants to have an interesting day will say he saw u there, he is the protector of the shire against this evil woman abuser. law did give women the power to send you to prison for a life time if she is persistent, 50 misdemeanors= a life time behind bars, or a life time defending your self, sentence up to a year for each violation of restraining order. bail for each case, lawyers fees. this is the case if you want to clear your name after you already lost you house, possessions and everything else.
    you better die then, she sentenced you to the real death, you are in a grave and have nothing but the cloth on you back, and if people found you they will put you in jail based on false allegations by the demonic people which the system gave the power to.
    a gross misdemeanor for vengeance every week, poor man, became inferior to women, abused by the system and all who works in it. jail is not the natural habitat for man, it is like a grave for the innocent, words can never describe the pain of an innocent man in jail, treated like an animal just because he allegedly existed in front of his home, and even if that was true, this stupid country punish people now for there mere existence some where in public or in front of a home, knowing that this person did never hurt a human before and has no criminal record.
    this system help thieves take your property and all you hold dear from collections, money, cloth, etc by this restraining order. what is this kind of due process, country of freedom and all this false banners.
    I couldn’t keep up with being (the most wanted), just because I was getting a divorce, i can’t afford and how can I, they already took everything, no money, no place to stay, only hell is waiting for you, i had to leave the whole country and will never come back to the country of injustice, there is not a single piece of evidence against me except false witnesses, no photos, wasn’t caught violating the restraining order on the spot, at least some one can use their cell phone and take a pic of me going near the property or something. Well I am not wasting my life behind bar and in courts, waiting for a possibility of being sentenced falsely even for a month, I will die out of despair, misery, out of feeling abused by the system which is more creul than any real beating or domestic violence abuse.

  18. 18

    I am a WOMAN and a victum of restraining order abuse…care to hear my story!

  19. 19

    im 20 years old and i have a 3 year old son who i met at 1 because the mother had another man raise the chid knowing it was mine … see i never kneew until one summer day she knocks on my door with a camera and shoows me pictures …. i tell her i want a test she regrets the hole thing leave and never talks to me again i filed it in court it took 4 months to get my rights. and i had my son on christamas for the first tiie best gift ever!!!!.. we tried to make thigns work and they did up until the summer of 2010 she cheate don me i forgave her and took her back and by the way the son lives with me i live with my parents in a nice home and he has his own bedroom here and a lot of toys .. she lives in a run down apartent with diferent friends sleeping over every night .. anyway this summer she cheats on me for 2 months and wen i find out i go to her house to get my son and shes not home he was locked in the house with sum1 i didnt no i banged on the door rang the door bell at the cops showed up i was told if i ever come back ill be arrested even tho sum1 who wasnt the parent was locked up in a house with y chid and the mother wasnt home next day dyfs shows up at my house claiing i abuse my child and his mother .. a week later a cop shows up issuing me with a court date for a restraining order and wen i go im very scared i will loose custody of y son all ovewr her cheating on me and me fnding out about it ,,, and by the way i havent seen my son in 35 days

  20. 20

    My wife filed a false police report againt me.i spent 8 days in jail while i was in jail she filed the pfa on the police report.Well when it came down to court she plead the charges were droped Lol she was charged with making a false police report and falsely accusing another.My guestion is can i go back and get the pfa lifted and can she be charged on making this false pfa.

  21. 21

    ok, here is my story, i have been broken up with my ex girlfriend for 15 YEARS. i never lived with her at any given time we were dating. we have a child together that will be 15 years old in a week. she had me arrested for a violation of a protection order back in 1999, she was also charged with an a&b on me. after i cleared that up i moved 3 cities away from this crazy broad, not far enough. these oreders have been going on for 15 years. i believe 4 or 5 orders were obtained 2 of which she vacted after being accused of putting my hands around her neck on 1 of the vacted orders . this particular order was vacted b4 the 2 week exp. date by her request. 2 months later i get served again , and aain i was accused of assaulting her that order was also vacted at her request. 2 years pass by i am again served with a protection order, this order expired. aproximatly 5 years after that i get served with another, this order i actualy put her father on the stand to testify against his daughters affadivit, his testimony proved his daughter falsly filed for this order ,and yet she was still granted said order. I PROVED SHE LIED, after proving she lied i just stopped going to court. i couldnt take the emotional pain ,as well as the humiliation or her draging me through the mud. this last order is now a permanant order. these orders were only a tool to put a wedge between me and my daughter. she was succesful in doing so after all the years trying to stay in my babies life. the ex has filed a violation of this order on me for delivering heating oil next door to her parents house, the restraining order says i am to stay away from the plaintiff’s address ” where ever that may be”. i had no idea this loser moved back to her parents house ,because i dont really care where she is so long as my eyes never have to look at her ever again. the mediator said there was enough to charge me criminally. this woman ruined my life, and my daughters life as well as my career . whyin god’s name would a woman do this to any1?.. i was in my daughters life from day 1 always fighting to stay in it. i dont owe a dime in childsupport, outside of this nut dragging me into court i never see her. sad part about all of this is, i finally had enough, and was ready to let go ,and make a new life for myself . i have endured more than enough pain.. so much for that.. now i am facing 2.5 years in prison for doing my job not knowing she moved back to that house..

  22. 22

    stop crying take action!!!

  23. 23

    I live in transitional housing in nh and have to share a kitchen with other woman in the building. Since I’ve been going through the process of rebuilding my life I have come in contact with this lunatic drug addict. At first we were friendly until I realized she’s a psycho andd a liar. I cut ties as acquaintances and because of that she has spread we have been in a few verbal altercations which I adm
    it was some yelling and swearing involved but never ever once physical and I myself wa the one to walk away. Because I aired out to staff that she stole pills from a mutual friend she managed to get a stalking order against me based on lies. Not once did she say she was scared for her life but of course it was granted. I had the
    hearing expediated because in community its impossible to stay away from her. The day of the hearing I was five mins late due to a line in the clerks office and the final was granted. I can not believe a judge was issue an order and still allow me to live here. Now she has begun stalking me in efforts to try and get me to violate the order. What do I do? Can I file an order to protect myself from her trying to entrap me or do I appeal because I do not want to stoop to her level and get an order for nothing. I feel its not for nothing the risk of possible jail time is serious and I should have the right to do something to protect my rights! Nh justice system is a joke!

  24. 24
    Denise Perrault 

    It’s not women who are abusing the system! It’s the court system and the Prosecutor! They receive federal funds for Domestic Violence. People don’t know about that. The Prosecutor is responsible for going by particular protocol that I found on the website. The Prosecutors seem to want to make some abuses a higher level of protocol and then the prosecutor abuses his power along with the court system and including the judge. Also, if you have an attorney they can ask for a “mutual oder for relief” restraining both trays from abuse, “cross orders for relief” also, a form can be filled out under this NH statute: RSA 173-B:5-a was adopted in nh 2006 to authorize certain forms of legitimate contact between the parties…under limited and controlled circumstances… to be filed by either you if you have no attorney, or your attorney to avoid a violation and to allow some form of contact as long as there the plaintiff is safe. If your attorney is not filing these types of paperwork, then they ARENOT doing their job like many attorneys who go into court empty-handed without filing the proper defense in the form of the above, and including motions in your defense. If that is the case, fire the bum! He’s not doing his job! If the plaintiff wishes to withdraw from the case he/she has to do it in writing. But the Prosecutor wants to keep the case going. For future funds from the feds and to justify his/her job. The Prosecutor will intimidate the victim instead of trying to figure out if his/her safety is a concern. In a case I am aware of, the Prosecutor told the victim that she could be arrested for not testifying. This is not true! She has the right to withdraw…but in writing. She has to file a motion to vacate the restraining order and the case. The court system want to keep it going. I have the “Protocol” from the Governor’s office. They are going against their own protocol!

  25. The most significant aspect of all restraining orders is the day to day impact on the parties and their children. In nearly 50% of all disputed custody cases in the US, domestic violence and abuse has played a role. There needs to come a time when people are less concerned with the violation of their rights and more concerned with the impact this has on the chidlren involved and also on their abilities to be good parents and provide for these children that are caught in the cross fire. There are many cases of injustice on both sides of the fence and those who are more concerned with their “rights” are usually less concerned with how their kids will do with everything.

  26. 26
    Mitchell Moody 

    Im lost, the ex renewed a PO and filed all these papers, I missed lik2 4 court dates on her saying i could not be served, last time served was thru my roommate, well to this day im at same place with same roommate, i still have never got a case schedual. i am getting REEMED. one Judge actualy seen what was goin on, then the next just flatout called me a PERP. just looked i missed 3 more dates lastmonth. i live 2 counties away and courts have my address. Im lost with out my kids. unemployed due to mental reasons. she allso refuse me SS#’s of kids for disability.

  27. 27

    Like hell it doesn’t work for men!! My bitch ex boyfriend went and took out a restraining order against me after being arrested and everything for knocking me out while I was nine months pregnant and everything…i broke up with him and to get me back he went to the courthouse and took a restraining order against me for beating him with a hairbrush…failed to mention it was to protect my nursing infant from his attacks…and he held it on an apartment he was not even living at; the restraining order was only to make me homeless, my infant daughter acceptable collateral damage…and I am still fighting for custody as he also threw in a false accusation against me reporting that I use heroin; I do not use drugs and he only said that to take away my child to hurt me further. In his cares, she comes home at night unfed, dirty, wounded, and the latest with an untreated fever. Is there any way to get justice for the frivolous accusations?
    but shame on you “it doesn’t work for men, o ly women abuse protective orders” why don’t you tell that to my 6 mo old daughter, ask her about how she spent her 4th month of life, ask her if it works for men!!!

  28. 28

    Women do abuse this system. Often times in court the man isn’t even given the opportunity to defend himself. Pretty much all a woman has to do is accuse a man of anything and say she’s afraid of him and that’s that. The guy is guilty. The women that do this are snakes and do this in attempt to hurt a man that want’s nothing to do with them anymore. Women are far more vindictive and manipulative than men are. I also feel that women that do this are belittling true victims of abuse

  29. 29

    My husband and I just split.up a month ago and BC I filed child support he decided to fil e false accusations of me hurting my son! He got a protection order and now I have to go to court and.fight for him back

  30. 30

    The system condones this behavior, but usually only by women. In your case, your gender is your best asset. You will likely prevail in court AND since he is a man, he may even be sanctioned (rare for a woman). This response is not biased, it’s factual, do the research…

  31. 31

    I have an ex that for 18 years now filed false protection orders on me. i never lived with this woman at any point in my life. i have a child with her that’s it anyways. i am facing prison now for failure to pay a 1000.00 court fine , because ,( u will love this) the ex filed a violation on me for delivering heating oil next door to her parents house. I have been doing that delivery for 7 years here comes the kicker, on the protection order it says i am to stay away from the plaintiffs address, but where the address is supposed to be it says ” where ever that may be” . WHERE EVER THAT MAY BE?? Without knowing she lived there because there is no address to stay away from isn’t this just setting me up to fail? I never even saw her. I get a court date ,and a court appointed attorney. I get let go only to come back another time. i am on my way home , and my attorney calls me to tell me my ex went up to him ,and said ” HE MAY HAVE WALKED THIS TIME, BT I AM GOING TO FILE ANOTHER VIOLATION ON HIM”,and she did just that. I still don’t know how she knew i had a court date. I get another warrant for my arrest for violating a protection order only this time it was for txtn my daughter telling her i love her ,and hope she is doing ok. I had no idea the mother added my daughter to a now permanent protection order. I was supposed to have a jury trial , but some how i was tricked into a plea. I didn’t get served with the new protection order until 1 year after it was filed 1YEAR. she filed for an emergency amendment , and was given the opportunity to have me not present, so she was on stage telling all kinds of lies,and no1 to challenge her, how is that legal. I missed the return court date to fight it ,because i was never served with the order I am innocent . i am not a
    woman beater . i am so emotionally and mentally drained. life just sucks. she can at anytime file another violation. Next week march 31 i have to go b4 the judge on a probation surrender for not paying money. i owe 350 out of the 1000.00 that i dont have. I just don’t understand how this shit is allowed to happen. ty for letting me share.. best wishes to all the protection order VICTIMS

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